Monday, June 28, 2010

Confessions of a lazy blogger

It was brought to my attention tonight that my blog has not been updated since LAST SUMMER! - I have been busy and not at all lazy with graphic design projects.

Here's a quick list of my year:
(stay tuned for a much needed website overhaul. A couple of weeks and I will unveil the NEW

Valerie Wilson Travel -

I created every page including the Explore Our World blog.
StellaLily Studios -

This website includes a content management system using Flashblocks.
InVite Health -

I designed the website, shopping cart included.
Kleinfeld Bridal -

One of my favorite projects. This design allowed me to showcase each designer with a new but coordinating design.


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer in the City

This is a summertime quickie. I need to show my new work and I need to get busy and GET SOME NEW WORK! (*hint hint). Yes, blame the economy or just blame it on summer vacation mode. Whatever blame you place, things are slow, for sure. But I'm getting creative, doing some art projects at home, playing with the kids and seeking out new and exciting clients. Please visit my website, I am updating a little at a time.

Now on to new work samples ....

Murder Mystery Maniacs Website Creative Design

I loved this site because I had the chance to do exactly what I love, CREATIVE design. This design included both exterior (general public) and interior (member area) pages. I took the project from home page all the way to administrative content management design. View PDF file containing additional pages

JKS Events Flash Intro to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

View Full Flash Version:


Winchell Chiropractic Website Creative

Dr. Winchell in Orange County, CA is a well-known and established Chiropractor and he needed a new and hip website to go along with that reputation.

I developed all the creative layouts including navigation, photo placement, and content layout.

View Full Site:


More to come and please re-visit my list of websites and print designs, I have updated them. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Greetings from the "Artic" (aka Chicago)

I have taken upon myself to rename the city of Chicago. We are now to be referred to as the ARTIC. It is June and barely warm enough to put those winter clothes away!

But all of this "not-so-lovely" weather, really helps inspire my graphic/web creations since it is preferable to stay indoors. :) I have 3 new websites to share with you.


The first is

Laura is local to Chicago and has launched a website to promote her Garden Design business. Laura needed a website that she could update herself and she also needed it to be easy to use. I designed a custom content management system with easy-to-use instructions and navigation. The website has been developed using PHP and mySQL database.


Another dynamic website that I just finished is for Stellar Concierge in New York City.

Stellar offers high end concierge services to individuals and businesses in the NYC are by partnering their clients with their selected list of premium vendors. Stellar needed to redesign their website and improve the functionality of their content management system.


And lastly is Northern Westchester Surgical Associates.

They recently partnered with a prominent diet and weight loss doctor, Dr. Fischer. Together they want to have a website that gives their potential patients a point of reference and also give their current patients a portal for information on their diet and exercise plans. I am still in the process of completing this website, but they wanted a mini-site launched right away.


On a more personal note, my friend, Juana Ryan of Stella Lily Studio 1 has taken some fantastic family photos for me. She just moved into a new and bigger studio and she will soon have a new and better website.

*stay tuned for updates on Juana's website

She always knows hows to capture the true personalities of my family. My boys, Jazper (age 5) and Max (age 3) have been photographed by Juana for the past three years. Juana even did maternity photos for me when I was pregnant with Max in 2006.

For Juana's most recent work, visit her blog.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome Spring! It's been too long!

It's almost her and I can feel a shudder of excitement as I stare out my office window. I even heard a woodpecker in my neighbors yard the other day!

In the spirit of new things, I have some new work to share you with you.

I just recently finished Quiet Light Publishing. Richard Mack, photographer, needed to develop a more sophisticated shopping cart and content management system.

Take a peek:


Which brings me to a NEW niche I'm discovering.....
I've been working on the development of a lot of websites that use a custom designed Content Management System. In addition to original creative design on the LIVE side of all things websites, I also include the design of the back-end administrative area. By custom designing the functionality, the user can tailor their CMS experience so it's easy to use and specifically for their website.

To see an example in development: Laura Maurer Garden Design is currently be developed. Her creative concepts have been completed and these PDFs detail each page of the LIVE site and also the administrative area in which she will manage her website's content.

View the LIVE site creative
View the Admin / CMS creative

Now, I also have a working version of another custom designed website and content management system. This is my edited version of another site I did for a photographer.

Click here to see the LIVE site

Click here to see the CMS (login with user name: rovinsky and password: rovinsky).
You can poke around, upload images, change text just to get a feel for the functionality. This site also allows the admin to change the background photo on every page. This allows the photographer to change each
page's look whenever she feels like it.

As always, I'm enjoying discovering new ways to stay outside of the box. More soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Year and New Work

First up: I just finished a new logo and website for Vornado Realty. They are the owners of the Merchandise Mart and several developments in NYC. I have been working on their newest property: 909 Third Avenue in New York. I created the logo, the design and completed the flash development.


( developed through my work with Engine No. 9 Inc)


Also, just finished a funky book cover for a life coach. (I love book covers, send them my way)

Stay tuned for more creative innovation.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Progress and settling in for colder climates

It's getting colder here. I'm relishing in whatever warmth I can soak up before winter creeps in. Last week, we took a picnic in Morton's Arboretum just south of the city. We took along our friends, Kara and Presley and Rachel (from R.Hanel Photography). These are some photos from that day.

Speaking of Rachel Hanel, I just completed her new website. This website is especially spectacular because Rachel has administrative functions. She can update her own photo galleries and text BUT also she can change out the background image for any page. This allows her to give her site a brand new look and feel whenever she feels like it. Check it out:

Monday, October 6, 2008 Updated with new work!

Happy Fall, my favorite time of year! I have finally updated with my newest work. After a summer pseudo break from working full-time chained to my computer, I decided that updating my website should include my creative designs as well as my fully developed projects. A lot of the time, companies will hire me to do the purely creative side of web design. I enjoy these projects just as much if not more than full development. Visit

Also, one of the most recent projects that I am proud to showcase is Thompson Brooks, INC is a premium building company in San Francisco. When Joe and I lived there, we not only shared a house with their office manager, Nicole Vetzmadian but Joe did some contract work for TBI. At the time, I would have begged to get their website design. So, needless to say when they contacted me this sprint - I jumped on the chance. This website features a fairly simple flash design that showcases photos of their work but also includes a content management system built in PHP 5 that allows them to update their portfolio and text.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting developments.