Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Progress and settling in for colder climates

It's getting colder here. I'm relishing in whatever warmth I can soak up before winter creeps in. Last week, we took a picnic in Morton's Arboretum just south of the city. We took along our friends, Kara and Presley and Rachel (from R.Hanel Photography). These are some photos from that day.

Speaking of Rachel Hanel, I just completed her new website. This website is especially spectacular because Rachel has administrative functions. She can update her own photo galleries and text BUT also she can change out the background image for any page. This allows her to give her site a brand new look and feel whenever she feels like it. Check it out:

Monday, October 6, 2008 Updated with new work!

Happy Fall, my favorite time of year! I have finally updated with my newest work. After a summer pseudo break from working full-time chained to my computer, I decided that updating my website should include my creative designs as well as my fully developed projects. A lot of the time, companies will hire me to do the purely creative side of web design. I enjoy these projects just as much if not more than full development. Visit

Also, one of the most recent projects that I am proud to showcase is Thompson Brooks, INC is a premium building company in San Francisco. When Joe and I lived there, we not only shared a house with their office manager, Nicole Vetzmadian but Joe did some contract work for TBI. At the time, I would have begged to get their website design. So, needless to say when they contacted me this sprint - I jumped on the chance. This website features a fairly simple flash design that showcases photos of their work but also includes a content management system built in PHP 5 that allows them to update their portfolio and text.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting developments.