Friday, June 15, 2007

Photographer's Corner

I love photography of all kinds: artistic, portrait, fashion, name it. And I've been so fortunate to have worked with several uniquely talented photographers. A web presence is important for anyone doing business, especially photographers. I think it is important to give each photographer their own look and style while showcasing the most important element: their work! That is the idea behind this blog; I want to showcase three incredible photographers that I work with on a regular basis.

The first of which is an amazing woman I met just this year, Rachel Hanel. I found Rachel on myspace and became instantly spellbound by her work. She not only takes amazing photos of beautiful models but she also has this artistic vision that spills over into her self portraits as well. She knows how to takes risks with her work and create an innovative and original vibe that captivates anyone that views her photos. I have had the pleasure of being photographed by Rachel (she took the photo you see on this blog and on my myspace page) as well as, most recently, helping to develop her new website. I created flash-based galleries to exhibit her work.

Admire Rachel's work here :

Seattle-based photographer, April Greer and I have been working together for a couple of years now. April is a self-taught photographer that has recently found a niche with weddings. She has a truly authentic journalistic style that not only captures the moments of the day but the emotion felt as well. Every time I do a website update for April, I am enamored by the way in which every collection of photos has its own story to tell. From a graphic design perspective, April is my case study on collaboration. We have journeyed through perfecting and fine tuning her logo, website and printed collateral. The journey itself is an interesting visual compilation of her evolving talent.

Check out April's work:

The last, but certainly not least, exceptionally talented photographer that I'd like to feature in this piece is Juana Ryan from StellaLily Studio 1 here in Chicago. Juana is a portrait photographer whose style is unlike any other. She has a clever way of capturing each subject in a new and different light, whether she is working with a family, a business professional or a baby. Each photo creates a timeless record of the moment. I met Juana almost 3 years ago when I was searching for a distinctly different photographer to take pictures of my children. She has literally taken hundreds of photos of my family, my pregnancy, my children and more. Her photos decorate almost every wall of my house. With each shoot she brings her own authentic style and eye for preserving that moment in time.

Visit StellaLily Studio 1 online:

To conclude, I'd like to extend an offer to all photographers in need of a web site, a logo, any kind of marketing collateral ... Mention this blog and receive a 20% discount on your project.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Authentic Graphic Design for Modern & Artistic Minds

I gaze out my office window to a clear blue summer sky. The air has a slight breeze while the sun warms your face. I've noticed a change amongst Chicago neighborhoods. I think it's something you find in a city with changing seasons. [I lived in San Francisco for two years and didn't get the same vibes] The city comes alive when the warm weather hits. There are people everywhere; children playing, people walking, shopping, laying in the park. It's a lovely sight that I enjoy well into October.

But I'm not exactly here to talk about the weather. My summer has also come alive with fresh, new work that seems to challenge me creatively. I'm blessed to be so busy in these summer months. It's a roll of the dice with new work this time of the year. I have a lot of amazing projects working and I'm excited to see how they transform by completion.

That's my topic today. Seems like it's taken me a while to get there. My creative process is never the same. The basic objectives remain the same: for websites and logos, I begin with creative aesthetics. I think this part of the process is especially necessary for websites. Some clients may be happy with the first two concepts and we are developing the site within a week, while other clients work me through several concepts until they are happy with the look. I shrug my shoulders at it because it's the process. My process is a collaboration between my artistic style and talent and the client's vision. The collaboration is key.

Currently, I'm working on a very interesting site for a company called Working Wonders. WW is a company that specializes in selling GREEN home products (kitchens, bathroom fixtures, rugs, window treatments). It's such an up and coming topic - where is the new GREEN going? I'm happy to be a part of it's transition from hippie to everybody. As for the site, Bethann came to me wanting a non-corporate, good feeling, easy to relate to web site. Easy enough, right? I tried to initially put a retro spin on green hoping to appeal to the new type of style I'm seeing on the street. I also tried to play with the concept of "chemical elements". She loved both concepts but she didn't feel it represented her vision. I asked her to provide me with some web sites she liked - even if they weren't related to her business. She browsed art sites, nature sites, photo sites and provided me with an idea for using my "elements" idea and combining that with her idea of the earth's elements. Take a look below -
See Concept 2 (the chemical elements)

See Concept 3 (Our Collaboration)

And lastly before I close this blog (I think I'm rambling), I would like to share with you a project I just finished. This client came to me for a logo, business card design and a website. Patrick Kamara owns Away From Home - which is a home management service company specializing in taking care of peoples home's while they are away. Take a look at the project collage below.

Stay tuned for more creative happenings at Rovinsky, Inc. If you are interested in learning more about me - please visit myspace. I post silly blogs and tons of photos of my family. If you are a myspace member, add me to your friend list because I also post promotional bulletins good for myspace users only. Here's the link:

Unitl next time ...