Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sharing the Love ... Spreading some "good" around.

In a world full of challenges ... I wanted to comment on being grateful and take a minute to share some links.

But first - - - a bit about my blogging spurts.
I know it's a good thing I'm not a professional blogger because I'm not exactly consistent on posting regularly. I love to write but typically my writing is dark often times helping me get through something or find a new solution. For a perfect example, check out this piece that I wrote in December 2007. My step mom calls it "depressing" but I think it's probably one of my best yet. Upon reading it, I'm sure you will wonder how in the world I contribute to a moms blog. I wonder that myself sometimes when I'm having trouble writing my next post. But somehow I manage - although I have to work on writing more than just one a month.

I am a firm believer in having many outlets for our creativity, our frustrations ... you name it. My outlets include blogging and most recently, a freelance artists group that I started with my friends, Will and Rachel. I love creating things whether it is a website or a well-thought out Lego castle. But as my business grows and my responsibilities grow, I find the need to create something that has nothing to do with money. So far, our venture is doing well - so in exchange, I'd like to share some links of friends, colleagues, clients, etc.

Will McCarty Freelance Graphic Artist and Friend

Ben Asaykwee Fabulous Musician and Friend

Rachel Hanel Fashion Photographer and Confidant

Steve Samler Musician Specializing in Digital Music for commercials and more (also a member of our group)

Christopher Ciesielski Fellow Graphic Designer and new to Chicago (also a member of our group)

Emily DeWan A freelance portrait & wedding photographer and member of our group

Juana Ryan awesome photographer and owner of Stella Lily Studio 1 (and friend)

Jennifer Khatchatrian self-employed mom and Friend

Diana Adams Portrait Photographer in Fairfax, VA (and client)

MJ Tam super-mom and blogger (and friend)

Makeba Waller owner of Ultraview Imaging in Arlington, TX and also a client of mine


Chicago Freelance Artists Group and Blog

Freelancers Union

Chicago Smart Green Families

Post Secret ( one of my favorite sites )