Monday, May 14, 2007

Time Management and Fresh Starts!

Welcome Everyone! Good intentions sometimes turn to mile-long lists we have a hard time completing. My 2007 good intentions included a revised website - a well kept blog - and a new brochure mailing . . . it's now May and I'm just getting started on all 3! Most of you business owners know that indeed, our own self promotion is always last on the list. So, I'm working towards accomplishing the above list beginning with this new blog.

Many of my clients loved my old blog (, but to be honest, I created it myself from scratch and it became hard to manage with everything else going on in my business. So, I broke down and opted for a blogger alternative. I feel like I can accomplish much more this way. Keep your fingers crossed.

And please take note: this blog design is a preview of my new website (to be completed by fall of 2007).

And before I get too off track, my self promotion hiatus is simply a product of being too busy. But who can complain when business is good. So, on that note, I have a lot to share with you.

I have been doing a lot of print projects lately, I'm proud to say. The first of which is a tri-fold brochure designed for NouveauDerm Med Spa in Massachusetts. We started by designing their website and then adapting some of the important information to a brochure format. Please click on the sample image to see the full brochure design (PDF format). I personally love doing multiple projects like this for one company. I like to call it "seamless design" or consistent branding. Hopefully, someone will pick up a brochure and visit the website and they will remember the company's name because their design mediums were well integrated.

Next, I have a wonderful logo just finished for a catering company in Miami, FL called Paellas Pampolona. This was a really fun project and I'm happy to report that the client was extremely happy with their new logo design. If you are interested in seeing the process and how we evolved to this final design above, please click here.

And Lastly, I have a flash introduction that I'd like to share with you. I am very proud of this intro because it was probably the largest and most complex intro I have designed thus far. This was built in Flash 8 with frame by frame animation.

click here to see the live animation

Please also check out the links on the side for websites completed this month. Much more to come and hopefully some interesting commentary as well. Be well.