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Monday, October 6, 2008 Updated with new work!

Happy Fall, my favorite time of year! I have finally updated with my newest work. After a summer pseudo break from working full-time chained to my computer, I decided that updating my website should include my creative designs as well as my fully developed projects. A lot of the time, companies will hire me to do the purely creative side of web design. I enjoy these projects just as much if not more than full development. Visit

Also, one of the most recent projects that I am proud to showcase is Thompson Brooks, INC is a premium building company in San Francisco. When Joe and I lived there, we not only shared a house with their office manager, Nicole Vetzmadian but Joe did some contract work for TBI. At the time, I would have begged to get their website design. So, needless to say when they contacted me this sprint - I jumped on the chance. This website features a fairly simple flash design that showcases photos of their work but also includes a content management system built in PHP 5 that allows them to update their portfolio and text.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting developments.


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