Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome Spring! It's been too long!

It's almost her and I can feel a shudder of excitement as I stare out my office window. I even heard a woodpecker in my neighbors yard the other day!

In the spirit of new things, I have some new work to share you with you.

I just recently finished Quiet Light Publishing. Richard Mack, photographer, needed to develop a more sophisticated shopping cart and content management system.

Take a peek:


Which brings me to a NEW niche I'm discovering.....
I've been working on the development of a lot of websites that use a custom designed Content Management System. In addition to original creative design on the LIVE side of all things websites, I also include the design of the back-end administrative area. By custom designing the functionality, the user can tailor their CMS experience so it's easy to use and specifically for their website.

To see an example in development: Laura Maurer Garden Design is currently be developed. Her creative concepts have been completed and these PDFs detail each page of the LIVE site and also the administrative area in which she will manage her website's content.

View the LIVE site creative
View the Admin / CMS creative

Now, I also have a working version of another custom designed website and content management system. This is my edited version of another site I did for a photographer.

Click here to see the LIVE site

Click here to see the CMS (login with user name: rovinsky and password: rovinsky).
You can poke around, upload images, change text just to get a feel for the functionality. This site also allows the admin to change the background photo on every page. This allows the photographer to change each
page's look whenever she feels like it.

As always, I'm enjoying discovering new ways to stay outside of the box. More soon.