Friday, July 20, 2007

Quickie Friday Blog

It has been well over a month now since my last blog. I'm realizing that blogging is like any good relationship/friendship - it takes regular maintenance and attention. I think I'm better at the human relationships but you'd have to ask those that hang with me to be sure.

Back to blogging. I just added some new websites completed in the last month. Please take a look at them. As I was typing the list, I realized that it was quite a range of projects from weight loss to marketing to gangsta custom cars! I love the variety!

And my most exciting news at this moment is my first text book cover! I work for a wonderful organization here in Chicago called Health Administration Press. I've had the pleasure of designing several flyers, promotional materials and booklet covers. BUT this is my first real text book cover! My copy came in the mail just the other day and I've been showing it to everyone that will pay attention. (*I am easily excite-able!). And of course, if you just can't wait to go out and buy your copy - CLICK HERE!

Okay Folks, Fans and Voyeurs - that's it for today ... thus the title of "quickie". More Soon!