Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Work / New Lease on Blogging

Isn't that saying, "a new lease on life"? I had to google it to be sure. I realized the other day that not only was it February 20th ALREADY, but it had also been 2 months since my last blog. Wow, time flies when you are busy and I think I also find it hard to blog about work. But it recently came to my attention that I could blog about not only my new work but my new learning experiences, and my life in general. If you have been to my myspace page and read any of those blogs, you know that I love to write. Those blogs always seem to take a lot of myself to complete them ... I suppose putting them out in public makes me spend more time polishing the phrases with a certain poise. But then again, that's my job, to make things look pretty whether it's graphic design or just words.

I recently started a Freelance Artist's Group (in collaboration with fellow designer, Will McCarty and fashion photographer, Rachel Hanel) here in Chicago in the hopes of creating an artistic outlet for myself and my peers and hopefully developing a good network of talented folks. If you are local and interested, please visit our site and contribute some ideas to the cause.

In the spirit of "new lease on blogging", it is my goal to develop a more wide-spread topic range for future blogging. But on the same notion, I also need to share my recent work with you.

A good friend of mine,
Jennifer Khatchatrian has recently started a new organizing business. Like me, she wanted to find something she could do from home so she could be with her kids more and still make a living. She came to me for a logo and we are soon to get started on the website.

And my blogging spirit is now cut short by the 5pm bell and the sound of my children coming home from a day of play. I have much more to share with you ... as always stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It was recently brought to my attention that designer children's web pages might be a well-sought out niche for me. I was recently designing a web page for my 4 year old. He's started playing on the computer more and more and I wanted to have more control over what he was viewing as well as give him an easy tool for getting where he needed to go on the world wide web. My husband called me an over-achiever but my friends said they would pay me to design one for their kids. Hmmmmm... my wheels are turning / What do you think?

Here's the page I designed for Jazper: