Monday, October 29, 2007

3 NEW Web Sites ...

. . . for your viewing pleasure.

1. Azul Hospitality / An HTML design inter-weaved with Flash.

Azul is a hospitality management group specializing in restaurants, resorts and golf courses. They are located in San Diego, CA.

View the Site:

2. Catered Creations / A purely Flash Design used in conjunction with ASP form mail and PDF menus.

Catered Creations is a catering and event planning business owned by a very talented, Judith Williams. Judith finds her niche in creating ethnic chic cuisine. Catered Creations is located in Miami, FLA.

View the Site:

#3. My Paper Store / HTML-based design featuring a javascript gallery. This web site will serve as a placeholder for a much larger e-commerce site that will sell invitations, announcements and stationery. (*and also offer live personalization).

Wendy Bloom is the owner of My Paper Store and currently operates a store called Announce It. She recently came to me wanting to take her business online. Stay tuned for more. Wendy is located in Detroit, Michigan.

View the Site:

PS: I designed the logo too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An Official SNEAK PEEK at the NEW

Yes, I know, it has been a long time since my last blog. For all of you loyal "Fans" out there, I do apologize. The life of a graphic designer / mother / wife / woman / etc. is sometimes demanding yet always rewarding. I have been busy working on my new web site, which will launch mid-month. I'm really excited to bring you a simple, clean, user-friendly yet incredibly sophisticated NEW I am so excited, in fact, I thought I would provide you with a tiny sneak peek of what you can expect to see with my new design.

Now that you have seen a little tidbit of what is to come, I also want to share with you some details about the new work you see in the sneak peek movie above. I'm really excited about the work I've been doing. I'm learning new things and really branching out to a higher scale of design and marketing. I'm also very proud to say that I'm building some fantastic professional relationships along the way. I think that is really the best part of my business - being able to build relationships with people all over the world and really thread my marketing ideas with their business.

(Building Development Web Site)

Over a year ago now, through, this fabulous advertising and design firm from NYC found me. Engine No. 9 is the company I work with and I'm very proud to unveil two new web sites that we've finished recently. Both marketing tools for new building developments in NYC, the first of which is

This web site is built in flash using .asp framework. The site is built for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. However if you are viewing on a smaller screen, the site will scale to your viewing area. The web site features an on-load menu animation as well as page-by-page image animation. Currently, we are building administrative functions so the client can update pricing for units themselves through simple point-and-click technology. Go ahead, sneak a peek!

(Building Development Web Site)

The second site I've designed and built with Engine No. 9 is for the new building development, Adagio. This site is also built using flash and features the scale-able coding I mentioned with Azure (above). This web site features drop down menus that are defined within the .asp framework. We also feature a transparent flash background to allow for our patterned background in html. Check it out:

Cleveland Eye Clinic
(Direct Mail / Quarterly Newsletter)

This next company is the Cleveland Eye Clinic. This client came to me via referral almost two years ago. Since then, we've built a web site (see the link above), created ads, designed trade show booths, postcards, brochures, etc. I'm proud to be a part of their marketing and promotion. The latest project we just completed is a quarterly newsletter. CEC came to me wanting to create a template for a quarterly newsletter mailing. The above image is our final result. Please click here to view the entire Newsletter (PDF).

Stress Eraser
(DVD Insert / Instructional Video)

Lastly is a DVD insert I created in collaboration with a marketing firm in San Francisco for a new product called the Stress Eraser. I worked with Point Marketing on a regular, yet freelance basis during my 2 years living in SF. I was happy to hear from them last year, now living in Chicago. The piece is not exactly a newly completed project but I'm very proud of the design. And since creating this piece, I've noticed this product in magazines and in the media. Thus, making it noteworthy in presentation today.

That wraps up my blogging duties for the day! But rest assured, there will be more soon! But for that to happen, I must get to work! HAPPY TUESDAY!